BRC rules Flu Vac Checker

Welcome to Sapphire Sounds Fluvac checker

Enter each innocculation date in the box below - then click 'Add this Date' after each one. (or press 'Enter')

Please note - the dates can be entered in any order, however they do need to be in the format dd/mm/yy - such as the first of May as 01/05/09. The '/' are optional if all 6 digits are there. The year must always have 2 digits. Both 010509 and 1/5/09 work - 1/5/9 does not!


If the results differ by one day from BRC appendix 23 it is because this checker takes Leap years into account. If the difference is more please report the problem by clicking 'ABOUT US' then 'CONTACT US' - thank you.