“The Kür”, “Freestyle”, or “Dressage to Music”, whatever you call it, if you enjoy competing in this sport, or want to find out how to start, we can help.

By far the easiest way to get started in freestyle - just buy one of our ready made packs - the only things you'll need to add are the horse and some practice!

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I used my time in Africa early this year to add yet more tests to our ready-made list. Why not see if any suit your needs?

Our range of Ready-Made packs keeps growing. Plenty to suit every taste - with the choices of floorplan and music we have well over 500 so far and that's not even counting the different height options!
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See what some others have told us:

Very proud to say we won our very first preliminary dressage to music with 77.55%. I am absolutely over the moon and the music was perfect and suited him really well. Thank you so much for all your help and support - you really did go over and above. I shall be back when we go novice!! ---- Septemberr 2019

Omg! Just did my novice music and only went and won with 73.06 and 8 for music and comment was music suits horse well!!! ---- July 2019

Just to let you know that I had my first Riding Club competition on Sunday with my Highland Pony who does quite well. I worked on the Sports Themes Music from you and made a minor adaption to your floor plan and I could not believe how once I got my head round it all, it really worked. The Judge loved it and gave me over all, 74.5% with 19 out of 20 for Appropriateness of the music to the horses paces. I am now going to try the 60 x 20 floor plan and music. I have wanted to have a try at DTM for ages and I will be 70 shortly so I determined to have a go. Thank you for helping me with the website as I am not good on the computer.
I expect I will be back for more music. ---- July 2019

Absolutely amazing ,its brilliant....I cant wait to try it! I am so pleased with the ease of ordering from you, it has been a stress free pleasure, except for the drop box saga! I will be telling my friends what a great company to deal with! Thank you so much, the music is perfect ....no changes needed ! ---- August 2018

I just wanted to know that we won our music class and qualified for the riding club National Championships. Thank you for your help and great music! --- August 2018

Thought you might like to know that we have now done 2 unaffiliated FSM classes & I'm so proud & thrilled to say that we were placed 1st in each. The judges loved the music & thought that it suited our paces really well. Thank you. --- April 2018

Just to let you know it was the freestyle class yesterday, as it was our first time at this type of event I was a little apprehensive. The music was great and suited my horse perfectly but I had to alter the floor plan 4 times before I was happy with the way it flowed. We were competing against much bigger horses but delighted to say we were 2nd I could not believe it. It was a good day and I have been bitten by the bug of freestyle. Many thanks. --- February 2018

I thought you might like to hear about our results and the judge’s comments on our first foray into Dressage to music. When we got there I found that the competition was in long school format, & my choreography was for short school. Fortunately, I had played the music over & over, had picked out all the markers for transitions, so just had to wing it & adapt as we went along. My friend, who took a video for me said it didn’t show! Thrilled to say we won. 71.1% Judge’s comment: ‘Your music suited the footfalls and type of horse – light & pretty. Well done.’ Thank you for all your help, advise & patience --- September 2017

We had a fab show after your nightmare dealings with our mad crew, I managed a first, my friends got a second and a third - all your music, we had loads of fun X. Thanks for all your help - July 2017

I just thought you would like to know I won the BD dressage to music class today 74.7% with the music you put together for me. I did alter the floor plan as I had too much music for the canter section but the rest worked fine and the judge was very complementary. - March 2017

Well what can I say? We got 70% for our first Musical Kur and won our prelim class and 4th overall highest score in the show! I've been smiling ear to ear so much that I'll have to keep practicing lots in the new year so we dont totally flop our next time round!!
I just wanted to say thank you so much for your time and efforts. Everyone loved the theme Lord of the Dance and thought it suited him so well. Only one judge mention the trot music to be a rather fast rhythm but that I predicted would happen, as you know (I just love the music so much!) In any case all three judges loved the music, theme and floor plan ....Thanks again so much and enjoy the holiday season!! - December 2016

Well, dressage to music (fancy dress) tonight, and with the help of your music...we got 1st place. Music was fab, everyone loved it and I will have no hesitation in using your services again, and recommending you to my friends. Thank you. - September 2016

Just wanted to say thank you - the music/CD was fab - we fitted in a few more movements and won our first ever music competition with 75% - now need to go and do it again to qualify for the regions. - June 2016

Thank you for the prompt service. Very impressed with the discs and paperwork. Went to a competition today and used the music, very successful, music and floorplan worked very well and we won our class with 70%. Could not be more pleased. Thanks again. - February 2016

I thought i would just let you know, We had our first go at our test in front of a judge yesterday..and we scored a fantastic 67%. I am absolutely delighted with this for our first time doing a test to music. Thank you very much for the quick and friendly response. I have recommended friends to your website. One of which also competed yesterday with fantastic results using your music and floor plans. - February 2016

I used the Queen music for the first time yesterday at the championships and I am pleased to say we won! I only tweaked the routine a little to go with his rather good ground coverage in canter so got an extra circle of canter, but other than that used what you sent and it worked so well. We finished on 72.77% getting an 8 for music. No one there had music like mine and the canter music actually works well- we hit the beat every time with front leg! - September 2015

Our first ever dressage to music!
A huge thank you for my Sapphire Sounds music and test sheet, which resulted in a first place yesterday!  Thrilled as we were against in particular two very good novice horses, but our scores including an 8.5 for music and interpretation of music kept us in front.  The music was fun and the beat perfect for my Connemara and made everyone smile! 
Thank you!!  We will be back! - August 2015

Competition was fab the music was brilliant and my horse really pulled it out of the hat on the day 1st rosette and trophy and a thoroughly enjoyable day - thanks for all your help will highly recommend your services - July 2015

I thought you would like to know that we qualified for the BD freestyle to music regional finals on an amazing score of 75%!!! On our first attempt! Thanks again for all your help - July 2015

I scored 74.4% came 2nd on collectives, 8 for floor plan and 7 for music :) Planning to do bd soon to try and qualify for next years championships - June 2015

Just done novice music unaffiliated for first tine, in wind and rain, got 78%. Thank you sapphire sounds. - April 2015

Just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your help and advice and the service you provided when I purchased my music for my very first freestyle test. All went accordingly to plan and we got a score of 63.7% which I was over the moon with, I know we couldn't have achieved that if it wasn't for your fabulous service! Thanks again and keep up the good work. - April 2015

Thank you for sending my music a couple of weeks ago. I am happy to tell you we got another 2nd at the freestyle with 68.88% this is only the second time we have competed in freestyle. The Judge loved the music an it fitted with my horse very well: 7 and 8 for harmony and music so very happy. A couple of 6's for canter but that was due to a very excitable chestnut mare. - November 2014

I just want to thank you for supplying amazing music, the quality was excellent. I did my first dressage to music today and came first in the novice class. Thanks again.- October 2014

Just wanted to let you know we did the dressage to music last night and not only won but got a 9 for the music, the judge was most impressed so many thanks. - October 2014

Thank you SO much for making my first ever attempt at freestyle so straightforward. I have always been put off in the past as it seemed such a complicated process to get the music sorted out. Your music was perfect and getting the licence was simple thanks to your having included the forms which only required my signature - you even enclosed an addressed envelope to sent them to BD - that's what I call service! I used one of your elementary floor plans and it fitted the music perfectly. I really enjoyed riding the test and was delighted to take 2nd place with a score well over 70%!! Not bad for a first attempt! I can wholeheartedly recommend Sapphire Sounds to anyone who might be interested in trying dressage to music. Thanks again Tim, and I am sure I will be back for more music in the future. - September 2014

Thank you so much.We will let you know how it goes. As for the service: This is the second time we have purchased from you. You are so helpful and answered my questions promptly and patiently. The music is dispatched very quickly and thanks to your assistance we get great comments on the tempo fitting the horses movement to a tee. I am sure I will be back for more. - August 2014

Just to let you know competed in our first music qualifier at the weekend came 2nd on 68 so have qualified amazing. Your music package rode really well. Thank you - June 2014

Hi - used the music today, the trot fitted very well and as the walk had less of a beat it sort of fitted. I changed the floor plan slightly which suited the horse better. We won and qualified for the champs (local unaff!) am very please with it so thanks. - December 2013

Just wanted to say thankyou for our music, we went to xxxx on Sunday and on our first ever attempt at a freestyle test won with 70.6 % and qualified for BD winter regionals at elementary. - November 2013

Thought you might be interested in an update on our "dressage to music" adventures! Both my friend & I did our first FSM tests less than a week after we received our music cds- needless to say it was a bit "skin of our teeth" but we were both placed ( BD affiliated). Following on from that, both our horses went back to the Stud on 21st Sept for the BD FSM qualifiers. Due to personal/family circumstances my friend rode both boys and scored 80% with each therefore qualifying for the regionals! I think it is going to be featured in "Horse and Hound" next issue (Thurs 3rd Oct). The judge commented on the suitability of the music for both horses. We would just like to thank you for supplying such super music and making our first steps into FSM so enjoyable and successful! September 2013

Just wanted to thank you for your lovely Irish music arrangement which matched (my horse's) steps perfectly. We came second in our heat and went through to the final and came sixth overall which I was pleased with as he is a young, spooky chap. You also provided the music for our team quadrille and again we came second in our heat and fourth in the final! Many thanks for such a prompt and efficient service. September 2013

The shows went really well. Thanks a lot. I got very good feedback on the music. Two of the judges said that my horse went well to the music, it was well timed and well chosen! Another comment was that it was a flowing test. I got a personal best score so I’m thrilled.
In case Victoria didn’t get hold of you – she won the class! Her music as also great – she modified her test a bit so we were not riding the same test. Her mare went beautifully and she rode like a star. July 2013.

Hats off to you for keeping your business going during such sad times.  I am an active member of the Bicester Riding Club here in Oxfordshire and we are promoting your business like crazy.  Your competitor – M....... does not come anywhere near to what you offer – in fact all the people I know who have used their music and plans have had to ditch them and start again.     Best wishes to you  - I look forward to doing business with you again very soon and I will be telling our Chairman of the Riding Club – who also uses your services how great the experience is. June 2013

Just a quick e-mail to let you know how we got on with our last dressage (the Mission Impossible one).  Believe it or not we won our class with 80%.  We were absolutely over the moon and many, many thanks to you and your team for providing our music. May 2013

Last year around this time I commissioned a freestyle to music and I'm back again this year for the same event! We actually won last year with a 69% and a 7 for music choice, so thank you very much! - April 2013 

Hi Tim, had my first ever dressage to music competition, just prelim, 63%, hopefully now I have some idea what to improve, just to say the CD is absolutely great. I would add though the floor plan is great you have to be prepared to adapt it depending on how your horse is going and how the school rides. The art appears to be knowing your music well so you know when the transitions come but not to panic if you are not quite where you think you should be, after all the judge does not know where the transitions should be ! - January 2013

Have just found out today that we have qualified for the music regionals. Thank you so much. Need to get out now and practice with my new canter music, hope the judges like it as much as I do. Thank you again. - December 2012

Thank you so much for your help with my order, the music arrived with me on the Monday after you sent it, I drove everyone at the yard mad playing it in the arena to practise. It paid off we came second! I had a lot of compliments on the music and how well it suited my horse and the test. Thank you again for your help - October 2012

Spring 2012 - Sapphire Sounds supplied the music for the winners of Preliminary and Novice classes in one far eastern National Championships and the Preliminary class in another!

Thank you for the music. We qualified with the previous music -supplied by you - for the regionals, so I am so thrilled. Our score was a very impressive 73.05%. It was the highest score of the whole event and there were some very good horses competing. I am now hoping to go to the regionals with a new routine and some new music. People have commented on how nice the last music was and could not believe it was "off the shelf". - June 2011.

I am so thrilled that I have found your website as we have done these before and spent many, many frustrating hours trying to work it all out and then it is never quite right!  It is for my daughter, who rides rather a fizzy pony.  It is for the -xxxxxxx- National Dressage Championships. --- Thought I would just let you know that we ended  up 2nd, after giving the winner a really good run for their money, which was a great effort!  Thanks for the music etc it worked really well on the day. - May 2011.

Just to let you know that yesterday was my first outing with your dressage music and floor plan. It went well, I scored 7 for the test with the comment very easy to follow floor plan. - Dec 2010

Just wanted to say thanks for the fab music. Had our first ever music test yesterday and won, qualifying for regionals. Thanks so much for a fab service. - July 2010

I really can't tell you enough how good your site is.  We could never have done it without your help, we never would have known where to start! - April 2009

My daughter and her pony came 3rd yesterday.  I was really proud of them.  She is only 9 years old and this was only her second ever dressage test and it was a novice to music!  She competed against 9 others all of which were adults which made the 3rd even better.  We can not thank you enough.  Your site and CD's are excellent and we will definitly be back in touch when some more freestyle to music comps come up in our area. - April 2009.

You don't charge enough! - March 2009........(I like this guy!..Tim)

The standard was so high it was a pleasure to judge, and almost all the top placings used your music. - Jan 2009

Many thanks for all your help, I really appreciate it, you are a real gem. - Dec 2008

We let you down with second place - the music was great but we suffered pilot error! - March 2008