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British Dressage Music licence.

It may seem complicated but it’s not too bad if you take it step by step.

If you want to compete in BD freestyle to Music competitions then

  1. You need to be a Full member or a Music member( Nowadays a Club member ) – you can join on-line here or at least find out the current prices! You can download a BD membership form from us here BD 2019 membership - just tick the CLUB box (or whatever you require). This is as much help as we can give on membership.
  2. You will need to get a music licence and stickers for your CD from BD. To do this you need to fill in and send 2 forms to BD. To make it easier you will receive these in your Sapphire Sounds pack. All you have to do is fill in your name and membership number and send to BD in the envelope we provide.


BD will send you the stickers. Stick them on the CD case.

That’s it!

There is no charge for the stickers for BD members.

(If you really want to see what the 2 forms look like the "music sub-licence agreement form" is here and the "Music licence record form" is here . (These are in pdf format so you can do it the hard way all by yourself if you want)) Of course the music sub-licence agreement is just the part you need to send to BD, if you really want to read the whole works it is here and good luck!

If you can't view and print "pdf" files you can download the free Adobe Reader from here.

Why does BD ask for this? (you can skip the rest of this unless you really want to know!)

The copyright protection act makes it illegal to play music in public without a licence. Dressage competitions normally count as "in public". There are exemptions for charities but BD is not a charity.

The music each competitor plays is theirs so they each have to have a licence.

BD have a "bulk" deal with the licencing authority but you still have to sign up to your part in it. This is what the "music sub-licence agreement" form is all about.

To fulfill the terms of the "bulk" deal the music has to be specifically identified. This is what the "Music licence record form" is for: it notes how much of each track is used. The stickers just show that BD and you have both done what the licence deal calls for.